Lavapies is … or was a neighbourhood, that’s what this movie is about. Life here is like in a village; an old, traditional and multi-racial village. But it’s about to disappear.

The streets are now extremely clean, terraces bloom in spring and tourists have become the new neighbours and AirBnB is everywhere. The rents have increased. Mailboxes are full of flyers to buy flats at any price and in cash. AirBnB Everything is for sale. Everything is branded. And now, the hottest brand is Lavapies.

This story gets into the life of the inhabitants affected by a tsunami, affected by “the perfect storm”. Bruno, Mayo, Elena, Manuel, Pepe, Teresa, Eduardo, are all suffering and offer heartbreaking testimonies of what their spaces have been once and now are.

This is the story of the last Mohicans. They organize and fight. They do not want to lose the battle. They refuse to be the last generation to know and enjoy what living in a neighbourhood really means.